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Things to do

The Area Surrounding Eminence is truly Magnificent, But should be explored with care.  Below are a few of the most popular spots around. Our location being in the Center point  of all these. Helps you to optimize your experience and enjoy all the area has to offer!


Cave Spring

Cave spring is Located on the current river between Akers Ferry and Pulltite. It can be accessed by doing the 10 mile float that takes you by it, or by doing the hike which starts at Devils well.

alley spring.webp

Alley Spring and Mill

With its beautiful turquoise water, Alley Spring has a 100 year old grist mill which you can tour. The mill is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Stop in for an up close look at one of the Ozarks’ most famous landmarks.

rocky falls.jpg

Rocky Falls

History time! Formed as molten rock deep in the earth flowed onto the surface 1.5 billion years ago. Today it can be explored, with trails or by carefully climbing the falls. However you chose to do it, its a must see!


Klepzig Mill

Sitting alongside Rocky Creek is a Small turbine mill. Built by Walter Klepzig in 1928. He frequently ground corn free for neighbors "on starvation,"


Blue Spring

310 feet deep, and producing 90 million gallons of water daily. The Vivid blue water makes this spring live up to its name!  The hike is around a (1 mile round trip)


Welch Spring

Purchased for 800$ in 1913. Dr Diehl believed that the spring water had healing properties.  Cool, pollen free air coming from the adjacent cave would be beneficial for people with asthma, emphysema, and tuberculosis. He said that it  helped him with a chronic case of hayfever. To tap this clean air resource, Dr Diehl built a hospital over the mouth of the cave. Welch Spring.



We are located at the center point between Alley Springs and Two River. Both of these are on the Jacksfork River which our campground sits on. Outfitters are available to shuttle you to different locations, and provide tubes, canoes, kayaks, and rafts.



Our River Area provides you a great location to catch some sun or fish, enjoy refreshing water, and spend time with friends and family. Different areas of the waterfront have different water depths making us friendly for all ages and walks of life.



Find a quite spot on the Beach and Relax, you deserve it

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